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Activities in Bolivia

In Bolivia half of the lessons are taking place in rural areas; this requires lots of time on the part of the team in order to go there. The average distance of the move in rural area is 300kms for round trips. In the framework of our convention with the City of Nantes, lessons took place in Cochabamba. The lessons’audience consists of men by 45% and women by 55%. (More photos... )

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Activities in Peru - Puno

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The 4-month monitoring work is stressing many advantages. The reduction of the monitoring period of families will become standard to the others teams. A high percentage of the lessons are taking place in the urban area; that means there is a short distance between the place where the lessons are taking place and the office of the team. Around 43% of the lessons’ audience are men and 57% are women. More photos...)

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Activities in Peru – Arequipa

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The Arequipa team gave construction lessons in the shanty towns in Arequipa near the nutritional centers of Caritas Felices and more specifically in the districts of Alto Cayma, Cono Norte and Horacio Zeballos. The target audience is mostly these families who entrust their children to day-nurseries, especially single mothers who live from saling staple food.

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Activities in Chile

The Chilean Team called Inti Llapu realized 410 solar cookers during 30 construction courses in 2008. (12 courses took place in rural areas, that means the team travelled about 400kms each time).

In the average about 25 persons are attending to each course. Around 67% of the courses’audience are women and 33% are men. The average salary is about 190US$. Inti Llapu created a new kind of cooker in terra cotta in order to cook bread. Furthermore in 2008 the team grows: three persons more are working for Inti Llapu.

Activities in Argentina

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Argentina is the new country where Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil implements its projects. In the north of the country in Salta, a new team has been created under the name of “Solar Inti”. Thanks to its partner in Chile, Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil developed this new team and financed the lessons, which have been taking this year.

The 2008 action plan is about the implementation of 4 construction lessons in the region of Salinas Grandes.

More information on the blog of Solar Inti.

A first construction course on solar cookers took place in June 2008 with the collaboration of the NGO “La Route des Andes”.

Activities in Africa

You can find below where solar and ecological cooking projects were done by our partners in Africa.

Even though the main interventions were in the Andes, Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil was joined by others associations ever since it was created. These associations came to share the experiences they gathered in different regions of the world. This knowledge sharing enriches the shared patrimony on solar power and allows Bolivia Inti – Sud Soleil to implement projects in collaboration with associations that exist all around the world. If you want, you can join this united movement.

Please find enclosed 3 testimonies of users of ecological cookers


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